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Once upon a time …

Thoughts of a „United Bikers – Scheppach“ founding member

…it was in late fall of 1994 when the formation of the U.B. happened. But in reality it started much earlier.

Once upon a time…… it was in late fall of 1994 when the formation of the U.B. happened. But in reality it started much earlier.

There was a bunch of youngsters, who all knew each other by growing up together or playing sports in close by clubs, who figured out that they had one thing in common – the passion for riding motorcycles. That group of friends already shared a great friendship and so it didn’t take them long to realize that riding was (and still is) more their thing than anything else.

Shortly after they initiated „Motorradffreunde.Scheppach.“. And of course they knew how to present themselves and make themselves known – back then without colors and all that nonsense.
Early Saturday afternoons was always ‚take off time‘ to head to the rallies, and before long we were aware of every event in Germany.

Left from our original crew are Haggy,Watzmann,Heuler,Ulli, Ostblock and my self. It didn’t take Sven and Flash long to join and today we are about 20 people
AND YES GUYS – also WE ahead to realize that the female members were a little to demanding (and annoying) at times. But that problem solved itself in no time.

Already years before the establishment of UBS, we regularly threw our first parties in Buchhorn. It started behind the barn of family Gruen with lean-to’s and a tent made out of tarps and stakes.

We were 30-40 people and you best customers.Looking back, I guess we just used this set-up as a front and a reason to party, drink and hire a stripper The Strip – shows became tradition very quickly, even most folks don’t pay much attention anymore – —– with the exception of one person, who’s name I’m not allowed to mention – but pictures speak for themselves as you can see.We threw our parties year after year and finally established UBS in 1994.

We celebrated our 10 year anniversay party in 2004, but in reality we had at least 4-5 parties prior.Shortly after we became UBS, we scored the opportunity to rent the old Forge-Drop between Adolz + Unterh. We built it out and renovated it so we could use it as our clubhouse. We’re open every Friday evening and everybody is invited and welcome.Every April we have our Season-Opener. I don’t have to mention that a stripper is mandatory also for this party.

See you – Greini